About Me

Early in my sales career, I knew that technology would influence how we market. Selling TRS-80 computers in 1979 started my obsession with technology, and once I learned how to get 2 hours of reports done in 15 minutes, I wanted to show everyone how to put a computer to work for them.

Today, electronic marketing continues to benefit from the power and growth of ever changing technologies. My specialty is combining marketing and technology, and I’m committed to supplying state of the art tools with creative marketing strategies for my clients.

My love for photography began in high school but took a back seat to my biggest passion, technology. Today I combine both to provide my business clients, images for their business and marketing needs. Restaurant and product photography are photographed with an eye towards telling my clients’ story. As a photographer and entrepreneur, technology and marketing greatly influences the success of shooting with purpose.

Mark J. Somerville